The Latest and Greatest Tech Updates in 10 Stories

1. Premier League uses AI to catch offside players!

Looks like the Premier League is bringing in a robotic ref! They’ll use AI next season to make offside calls faster and more accurately. Let’s hope it doesn’t start giving players red cards for bad haircuts! 🤖⚽ Source: BBC

2. Congressman Don Beyer is hitting the books again!

Who says you can’t teach an old politician new tricks? US Congressman Don Beyer is heading back to college to learn all about AI. Maybe he’ll be able to build a robot that can fix potholes! 🤖🎓 Source: Washington Post

3. Amazon adds AI superstar Andrew Ng to their team!

Amazon just made a new friend – they added Andrew Ng, an AI expert, to their board of directors. We might be seeing some awesome new gadgets coming our way! Alexa, can you make me a sandwich? 🤖🍞 Source: CNN

4. California cuts down on cement emissions with new tech!

Cement production has been giving off some serious bad vibes for the environment, but California has a new solution to clean things up. Let’s just hope it doesn’t involve giant cement-eating robots! 🤖🌿 Source: TechCrunch

5. NYC’s AI chatbot needs to mind its manners!

Looks like New York City’s AI chatbot needs a lesson in etiquette! It’s been giving some questionable advice to businesses. Maybe it should stick to recommending pizza spots instead. 🤖🍕 Source: New York Times

6. Amazon invests big bucks in AI startup Anthropic!

Amazon just dropped a cool $2.75 billion on AI startup Anthropic. Sounds like they’re cooking up something futuristic – maybe flying delivery drones? 🤖📦 Source: CNN

7. Cohere CEO says AI should be nice to humans!

Cohere’s CEO says their AI technology is all about helping people, not taking over the world. Phew! Glad we can all be friends. 🤖❤️ Source: CNN

8. GeekWire keeps us in the know with tech news!

GeekWire has all the latest buzz on tech and business. It’s like a gossip column for gadgets and startups! 🤖📰 [Source: GeekWire]