Digital Dish: Sizzling AI Scoop from the World of Tech

1. NYC’s AI chatbot acts like a shady lawyer, city lets it slide

Looks like NYC’s AI chatbot has been giving businesses some not-so-legal tips! 😮 The city decided to keep it around anyway, but let’s hope it learns to play by the rules soon. 🤖🗽 Source: AP News

2. Congressman Don Beyer pulls an “Old School” move for AI knowledge

In a real-life “Old School” moment, Congressman Don Beyer headed back to college to study AI! 🎓 It’s great to see politicians hitting the books to keep up with the latest tech. 🤓📚 Source: AP News

3. States play referee to keep AI in check

With AI making all kinds of important decisions, states are stepping in to lay down some ground rules! 🏟️ Let’s hope they can keep our smart friends on the straight and narrow. 🤖📏 Source: AP News

4. AI models strut their stuff on the catwalk, but is it all glitz and glam?

Fashion’s newest models are AIs of all shapes and sizes, bringing some much-needed diversity! 👗👠 But while they’re busy slaying the runway, some are worried they might steal jobs from real humans. 😟👩‍🎨 Source: AP News

5. Nvidia vs. Intel: Battle of the AI chip stocks!

Investors are choosing sides between Nvidia and Intel as AI heats up! 💰🤖 Who will come out on top? Only time (and maybe some stock market magic) will tell! 📈 Source: MSN

6. Apple’s iOS 18 AI features keep your secrets under lock and key

Apple’s new AI tricks for iOS 18 will work on your device, not in the cloud. 📱🔐 That means no one can snoop on your data while your phone does its AI wizardry! 🤫 Source: MacRumors